We Have Just Begun To Fight

Nelson Hultberg

October 22, 2016

The Trump Revolution confronts a dilemma in the eyes of establishment pundits. It has 15 days left till the election and is down decidedly in the polls. But as we will soon see, this may not be true at all. Let’s look into some of the facts being ignored by MSM.

The Trump campaign is a monumental revolution taking place and cannot be expected to unfold smoothly. It is about ending the Democrat-Republican collusion to suppress American sovereignty in favor of globalism. It is about restoring sanity to our lunatic immigration system that lets alien forces pour into our country at will. It is about establishing a fair free trade system in which both parties to any trade agreement allow the other’s goods to enter their countries without restriction. It is about terminating the neocons’ obsession with militaristic hegemony over the Mideast, Russia, China and Europe. These are huge issues that will not be easily accomplished.

Are the Popular Polls Telling Us the Truth?

The forces of corruption and tyranny that saturate the Washington-Wall Street swamp are, no doubt, jubilant with the fact that their Queen Maleficent is “up in the polls.” But is she? Who are these pollsters that keep reporting Clinton ahead so decidedly?

The popular establishment polls (CNN, Quinnipiac, Real Clear Politics, etc.) have generally shown Clinton to be leading by 5-6 points. But since the second debate, Trump has been rising dramatically in probably the most trusted of all polls, the Rasmussen Report. As of October 22nd, it shows Trump now leading Clinton 43% to 41%. This was from a three-day rolling average of 1,500 likely voters between October 18th-20th. Is the tide turning? It just might be. Trump did very well in the third debate on October 19th, which will be fully reflected in the upcoming Rasmussen numbers of likely voters after October 23rd. [1]

In addition the IBD/TIPP tracking poll has Trump up by 42% to 40% on October 22nd. It is a collaboration between Investor’s Business Daily and TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence and has been the most accurate presidential poll over the past three election cycles, 2004, 2008 and 2012. [2]

What are these two very reputable polls telling us? Precisely this: the forces of evil that enshroud Hillary Clinton have now been exposed for the malignancy that they are. Millions of Americans who previously were ignorant of the issues of immigration, trade and political economy at work destroying the country have been enlightened by Donald Trump these past 18 months. They have been shown a new vision for America, and they approve. They have been introduced to the truth, which is seldom done in politics. But then seldom does a maverick like Trump decide to take on a perverted and tyrannical establishment such as what we face today in Washington.

These two polls also show that much of the public has seen through the blatant smears of the Clinton Cartel. They see that there are no corroborating witnesses for the women coming forth with claims of being groped. Common sense tells them that since Trump was a billionaire playboy in the 1980s and 1990s he undoubtedly attempted to seduce some of the beautiful women that paraded through his life. But the media has the groping accusations all wrong. A far more rational explanation for them is that these women were willing participants in the seduction game that men and women have been playing for thousands of years. These women were attracted to Trump’s celebrity. They were groupies who have since gone on to become Democratic partisans for Hillary.

They were not being groped; they were being seduced and were willing participants in the process and are, for partisan purposes, leaving out this all-important context in the retelling of their experience. Were some perhaps currying favor with Trump in hopes of being judged more favorably in one of the beauty contests that he headed up? Anyone who understands human nature knows the answer is, yes.

Trump claims that nothing happened with any of the nine, but let’s be realistic. There is always a kernal of truth in these types of cases. Something happened with probably three or four of the women, but that “something” was merely the seduction game. The other five or six are prevaricating recruits of the Clinton Cartel.

How can we make such an assumption? For starters, Jessica Leeds has already been discredited by a fellow passenger, Anthony Gilberthorpe, who was sitting next to her and Trump on the plane in 1981 where she claims Trump was all over her “like an octopus” groping her. In a statement to the New York Post, Gilberthorpe says, “Jessica Leeds is a liar. Not only did [Trump not do anything] and I was present at all times, but it was she that was the one being flirtatious.” [3]

The Clinton Cartel is the ultimate employer of “dirty tricks” in politics. See the  Project Veritas video of Clinton campaign higher ups, Robert Creamer and his subordinates, bragging and laughing about partaking in “criminal acts” toward the Trump campaign. (Creamer has visited the White House 342 times over the last eight years, and its records show 47 of those visits were with President Obama.) In light of these disclosures, is it too much to assume that Clinton’s campaign would recruit women who would be willing to falsely claim they were groped by Trump? Politics is a dirty business, and the Clinton Cartel is the dirtiest, most disgusting player in history.

But no matter who wins on November 8th, the Revolution that began with Trump will not evanesce. On the contrary, it will explode over the landscape of the country in the next ten years. The DREEGs (the Democrat-Republican Elite Establishment Globalists) of America are in for much misery and tumult. They have chosen to hole up in a Bastille of disingenuous statism attempting to pawn it off as freedom and the American Way. They may win power on Election Day, but in order for justice to prevail, power is something that has to be earned with honor and adherence to principle, neither of which the Clintonistas possess. This will be their doom as it is the doom of all malfeasors eventually.

Aroused from Apathy

The outraged Patriots of America have been roused from their apathy. Win or lose in his fight for the White House, Donald Trump has won the first battle in the fight to restore freedom and justice to our country. The great issues of immigration and trade reform are now out in the open. The media have been exposed for the shysters that they are. The system is not just rigged as Trump proclaims in his rallies; it is corrupted beyond belief because MSM is so blindly in the tank for any candidate who will perpetuate our present statist drive toward globalism.

But the rigging goes even further than the ideological takeover of the media. It extends into actual manipulation of the voting machines on Election Day. Click Here for a very disturbing account of how the voting machines were rigged for Obama in hundreds of precincts throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida in 2012. The key for the Clinton partisans is if they can rig enough machines in enough of the key counties of the “key swing states,” they can guarantee victory even when the people are against them. A few thousand votes one way or the other in a state like Ohio or Florida could make all the difference in a close Electoral College race.

To sum all this up, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Gramsci, Alinsky and all the irrational leftist revolutionaries of the past 150 years have reached critical mass in the minds of millions of Americans. The Clinton Cartel is their chosen representative and will control unfettered access to our lives and businesses from Washington should it win on Election Day.

But there is a huge Reaganesque swell of pro-Trump voter sentiment out there that is being shown by two of the most reputable polls in operation. This race is far from over.

The Revolution’s Future

My hope is that, win or lose, Trump will form a new political party and destroy what we know as today’s Republican Party by 2020. This will bring a new political alignment to America: the Socialists vs. the Patriots, the Tyrants vs. the People. RINOs will join with the Democrats, which is where they belong. Conservatives, libertarians and blue-collar Dems will forge a New Republican Party (NRP). The Ryans, Romneys and McCains will go the way of Model Ts and malaria. Good riddance to these worthless quislings.

As John Paul Jones shouted back from the decks of the Bon Homme Richard when the captain of the Serapis demanded his surrender, “I have just begun to fight.” Trump also has just begun. He is the harbinger of a much bigger quake coming.

Should Hillary win on November 8th, the Dreegs better enjoy her first two years because she will be a one-term President, and there will be chaos by her third year. The economy is going to collapse in a huge way, and she has no grasp of why. She is the stillborn child of Alinskyite socialism and 1930s economic irrationality. Sanity dwells in Hillary Clinton like pleasantry in a praying mantis. If elected she will incur mass rebellion from Congress. Perhaps an impeachment attempt. Surely mass resistance to her criminality and corruption. She is a gargoyle, a Caligula-like creature. Right out of the Borgias of history. Ugly, contemptible, grotesque.

Keep the faith, friends. This revolution has just begun.



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