Reign of the “DREEGs” – the Lizard People

Nelson Hultberg

October 17, 2016

pic1The brilliant novelist, Matt Bracken (author of numerous dystopian thrillers) has come up with the above riveting acronym and graphic to describe the nefarious enemies we face today in saving the Republic. The “Democrat-Republican Elite Establishment Globalists” (the DREEGs) have been collectivizing America for the past 100 years. From Woodrow Wilson and FDR, to LBJ and Richard Nixon, to Clinton, Bush and Obama, the Dreegs have been insidiously usurping our basic rights in pursuit of ever-expanding mega-statism and personal power for themselves and their avaricious cronies who flock to Washington to serve them.

The ideology of “globalism,” intellectually intertwined with Marxism / Keynesianism, is what motivates them. Hubris is what consumes them. Evil is what defines them. They pay tribute to capitalism and the Constitution in their public speeches and campaigns for office; but it is a deceitful reverence. They abandoned capitalism and the Constitution long ago in the formative years of their youth forged by the collectivist dominated education they received in college and graduate school.

Being highly intelligent and articulate, they conceive of themselves as the rightful holders of power in society even in face of widespread disdain toward them on the part of American citizens. They subconsciously hate the Founders’ vision of strictly limited government. How naïve, they think, to “leave people alone” to live their lives according to their own visions. How naïve to think that we in modern, complex, high-tech economies should rely on such antiquated concepts as “economic and political freedom.”

Dreeg Economics and Politics

Under rule of the “Dreegs,” life has not become freer, happier and higher-minded. It has become steadily stultified with debt and debility. This is because the Dreeg economic philosophy is built upon the two major delusions of Keynesian economics, that 1) demand is the primary driver of prosperity instead of supply, and 2) printed money will act like “capital creation” and bring society ever-increasing wealth.

The fact that Keynesian economics creates a false prosperity and a “boom-bust” type of economy that must eventually collapse was not grasped in the 1930s, and to this day is still not understood by the Dreegs. Witness the preposterous gibberish of Janet Yellen as she and her FOMC cronies continue to try and manage trillions of economic decisions throughout the American marketplace and shore up never-ending purchases of Dow Jones stocks. This, they maintain, creates the vital “wealth effect.” But in essence it is a collectivist ploy to deceive the people into believing that the Fed and Washington’s octopus bureaucracies are crucial necessities for prosperity in the world. Without their continual monetary inflation and bureaucratic manipulations, the Dreegs tell us, our society would self-destruct.

But since there is always a limit to how much debt any person or any country can tolerate, the credit bubbles upon which the Keynesian Dreegs have structured our economy must always run up against an impenetrable ceiling and eventually collapse into a prolonged depression. This is why Ludwig von Mises was right in his famous warning that central bank credit expansion, if not voluntarily curtailed, must ultimately result in a collapse of the monetary system and the economy structured upon it. My article, Keynesianism’s Ugly Secret, explains in more depth this tragic economic fallacy that dominates the Dreegs.

In the arena of politics, the Dreegs adhere to Fabian socialism known in America as “social welfarism.” Our lives must be fully collectivized, they preach. Individual rights must be diminished in importance. Special privileges must replace them as the guiding lights of governance. Confiscatory taxes must be enacted. Redistribution of the wealth must be adopted to control the masses. Statism, not freedom, is what must construct America’s future. Freedom belongs to the horse and buggy age of hoop skirts and Victorian poetry.

This is the hideous ideological falsity of the Dreegs. They believe government controls and planning are superior to freedom and entrepreneurial creativity. The fact that their political vision eventually drives a country into the decadent destruction now prevailing in Venezuela does not dent their poisoned minds. Venezuela “has the world’s fastest contracting economy, the second highest murder rate, inflation heading towards 1,000% and shortages of food and medicine that have pushed the poorest members of its 30 million population to the edge of a humanitarian abyss.” [See Venezuela On the Brink] This is what the Lizard People are bringing us.

Who Are Today’s DREEGs?

obama clintonThe Democratic Dreegs are led by the Marxist who sits in the White House, Barack Obama, along with Hillary Clinton, the protégé of radical socialist Saul Alinsky. Supporting these two leftist lizards are the likes of Bill Clinton, Albert Gore, Al Sharpton, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Jerry Brown, and Jesse Jackson.

ryan romneyThe Republican Dreegs are led by the pusillanimous House Speaker, Paul Ryan, and Mitt Romney, the GOP candidate for President in 2012. Supporting these two right-wing lizards are the likes of John McCain, Mitch McConnell, John Kasich, Carley Fiorina, Marco Rubio, and Lindsay Graham.

The above politicians are the more prominent Elite, Establishment Globalists, and thus are the Dreegs who are best known. But there are many more such lizard people in our society in the banking, corporate and institutional worlds lurking behind the seats of political power. For example:

sorosGeorge Soros, billionaire financier rated by Human Events as “the single most destructive leftist demagogue in the country.” Repeatedly terms himself a messianic figure. He made his billion dollar fortune via currency speculation and has supported endless socialist causes to remake our country into a Marxist system. Soros works tirelessly to subvert American sovereignty and render the nation subservient to global institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank. Prototypical lizard-king with the ugliest of narcissistic personalities.

paulsonHank Paulson, former chief executive of Goldman Sachs and U.S. Treasury Secretary under George W. Bush. Renowned globalist who helped greatly to bring on the 2008 economic meltdown, and then compounded the problem by funneling mega-billions of taxpayer dollars to the Wall Street banks to bail them out and keep these dinosaurs alive. The ultimate grafter who has lived his life as a “crony capitalist” raking in his fortune via neo-fascistic deal making with the bureaucracies of Washington that are suffocating America.

altmanRoger Altman, investment banker and founder of Evercore, a major player in the field that shows $14 billion in assets and $1.5 trillion in announced transactions in 2014. Also served in the Carter administration as Assistant Secretary of Treasury and in the Clinton administration as Deputy Secretary of Treasury. Was forced to resign in 1994 because of revelations stemming from the Whitewater controversy. Premier globalist who helped to shape the NAFTA treaty for Clinton. In and out of government all his adult life, he knows how to game the system.

bloombergMichael Bloomberg, mega-billionaire plutocrat, former Mayor of NYC, enthusiastic collectivist politician and big contributor to leftist causes who made his billions with shrewd Wall Street manipulations. Quintessential “nanny state” mentality who is quite comfortable with massive government regulations for American individuals. Claims that politics is not really his prime desire, but always finds a way to inject himself into whatever and wherever the action is in the political arena. Will be enthusiastically seeking a spot in any future Clinton administration.

immeltJeffrey Immelt, CEO of the vast conglomerate General Electric, Inc., and President Obama’s “Jobs Czar” between 2011-2013. Has pushed heavily for enactment of TPP and speaks vigorously of the necessity to take his corporation out of America into foreign counties to whatever degree possible. Worth $600 million. His loyalty to Americans is nil; his loyalty to self-aggrandizement is paramount. Perfect example of what’s wrong with the country. His ilk knows nothing of the patriotism and honor that built our nation.

schmidtEric Schmidt, famous software engineer who became Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Inc. the parent company of Google. Worth approximately $11 billion dollars, and was instrumental in putting Google on the map between 2001 and 2011. Major donor to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, was considered for Commerce Secretary, but eventually became a member of Obama’s United States President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST). He is a new breed Orwellian mind, astute and visionary, but devoid of patriotism for America. Very much a globalist.

sternAndy Stern, former president of the Service Employees International Union, 1996-2010. Stern has made himself into one of the most feared power brokers in Washington. Worth $11 billion dollars, he is a master of lobbying for more statism. He calls for unions to be the dominant vehicles for the promotion of social reforms, including increased taxation and single-payer health care. Hobnobs with leftists such as Howard Dean, George Soros, Simon Rosenberg, and Andrew Rappaport to funnel funds to an ever-expanding progressive agenda for America.

zuckerbergJeff Zuckerberg, baby faced entrepreneur and CEO of Facebook, the world’s largest social-networking company. Perfect example that wealth does not need years of experience to be earned. It needs boldness and vision. Zuckerberg certainly showed these attributes. Worth $55 billion dollars. Unfortunately he has shown little grasp of the ominous political unfoldings in modern America, choosing to chase a myriad of statist causes and play lackey to leftism. This is what happens when young minds try to be big players where they don’t belong.

Fighting the Dreegs

The first step in taking on these Lizard People who are destroying our country with their amoral insouciance and contempt for American principles is to diligently study those sources of contrarian thought that exist outside the circle of orthodoxy in political matters. MSM and the establishment punditry must be rejected for what they are – lackeys, crony capitalists, appeasers, Machiavellians, grafters, shysters and power lusters.

If you like rousing fiction told from the patriot perspective, you will find no better place to start than with Matt Bracken’s hard-hitting trilogy, Foreign and Domestic Enemies. In these three novels, Bracken has created a powerful Atlas Shrugged like narrative of how the issue of “national sovereignty” might play out in the upcoming years sure to be racked with more and more economic crises. Conservatives throughout America will take to this tale like the colonists took to Tom Paine in 1776. And so also will libertarians, even though many of them are not enamored with the idea of the “nation-state.” They will still be drawn to the individualism and patriotism of the story in which Americanist freedom fighters clash with Washington globalists over what we are to be – a sovereign nation, or a compliant colony of an Orwellian world government.

The Dreegs must be defeated, or we will have no country to pass on to our children. The first step in this battle will be on November 8th. Whatever you may think of Donald Trump, he remains the only voice of reason and sanity out there despite his bombast and egotistical personality. He is not polished, he is not perfect, but he is possessed of patriotism and love of country, both vital attributes that are sorely lacking in his Democratic opponent. Is there still time to overcome the outrageous smears from the establishment media? There is always time for truth, but if it is to manifest this election year, it will need the effort of millions of American citizens to turn out to vote against the Lizard People and their Queen, Hillary Clinton.

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