Ending the Income Tax and the IRS
The 28th Amendment to the Constitution

afr_homeThe key to ending the income tax lies in ending “progressive rates,” which will generate the necessary desire among the people to end the tax itself. This is the crucial first step that must be taken. The income tax cannot be abolished in one clean swoop as most libertarians advocate. This is the BIG MISTAKE that all tax reform organizations have been making for 50 years. The people must be motivated first to demand abolition. The great 19th century author, Victor Hugo, said “there is nothing more powerful in history than an idea whose time has come.” The time has definitely come to get rid of the income tax. Americans are fed up with it, and will be willing to abolish it, but only if shown how to do so and why. Our 28th Amendment plan does precisely that. To read more about this exciting cause, CLICK HERE

Patrick J. Buchanan Is Putin’s Russia an Enemy to America?
Patrick J. Buchanan  /  2.27.2017
Today, the United States is confronting Russia, a huge and natural ally, over a peninsula that had belonged to her since the 18th century and is 5,000 miles from the United States. Hopefully, President Trump will sound out the Russians, and tune out the Beltway hawks….read more
Paul Craig Roberts Can Truth Prevail?
Paul Craig Roberts / 3.02.2017
The print and TV media and much of the Internet media create the virtual reality that supports the agendas of the ruling elites, depriving us of comprehension of factual reality. Democracy cannot function when lies crowd out truth in the service of hidden agendas. Neither can life on earth….read more
Victor Davis Hanson American Elites and Donald Trump
Victor Davis Hanson / 3.02.2017
Trump is in a virtual war with the mainstream global media, the entrenched so-called deep state, the Democratic-party establishment, progressive activists, and many in the Republican party as well. But who, exactly, makes up these disgruntled elite classes?….read more
How to Provide Universal Health Care
Ann Coulter / 3.01.2017
It turns out that, outside of a communist dictatorship, all sorts of products are affordable AND widely available! We don’t need Congress to “provide” us with health care any more than we need them to “provide” us with bread. What we need is for health insurance to be available on the free market….read more
Judge Napolitano Concealing and Revealing
Judge Andrew Napolitano  /  3.02.2017
Are the present leaks about Trump to the press the product of sinister forces attempting to sabotage the judgment of the president? If so this would be perilous, as it would mean we have unelected, unaccountable and unnamed people pulling the levers of power in the field of national security….read more
John Stossel Military Gutted? More Like Bloated
John Stossel  /  2.28.2017
What will the mission of America’s bigger military be? I don’t know. But Trump will spend billions more. This is not good. America is going broke, and our military already spends almost $600 billion dollars. That’s more than the next seven nations spend – combined….read more
Michelle Malkin A Lesson for Planned Parenthood’s Pinup Girls
Michelle Malkin  /  3.01.2017
Whether a pre-born baby is killed in a back alley clinic or in an air-conditioned PP clinic, the killing of an unborn child is always barbaric. This is the one lesson we can teach Emma Stone, Dakota Johnson and all the other celebrities who are falling over themselves to support this grisly policy….read more
Greg Hunter Crack-up Boom Here Now
Greg Hunter / 3.01.2017
Macroeconomic researcher Rob Kirby thinks the world is well on its way to much higher inflation. Kirby explains, “Some people say there is a dollar shortage in the world. Not so. I think we are seeing evidence that there are too many dollars in the world, not too few….read more
 Ron Paul


On Military Spending, It’s Trump vs. Trump
Ron Paul / 2.27.2017
Following the President’s constantly changing policies can make you dizzy. That’s a shame because the solution is very simple: end the US military empire overseas, cut taxes and regulations at home, end the welfare magnet for illegal immigration, and end the drug war. And then get out of the way….read more
Walter E. Williams Undermining Academic Achievement
Walter E. Williams  /  3.01.2017
If the grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan were the Secretary of Education and wanted to sabotage black academic achievement, he couldn’t find a better method for doing so than keeping our public school system as it is. Black politicians and academics are the system’s facilitators.….read more
Peter Schiff Trump to Make Government Greater Again
Peter Schiff  /  3.01.2017
Podcast: Making government greater will not make America great again. A new chapter in the same Keynesian book will not change the story. There are no government solutions to our problems. Government solutions caused our problems. Only free markets can fix what government broke….read more
Cal Thomas Toward Better Relations with the Press
Cal Thomas / 2.28.2017
The Trump administration has probably extracted maximum benefit from its frontal assault on the news media. It will not win converts by continuing the bashing. Even press critics must acknowledge that a free press is essential to a strong democracy….read more
David Limbaugh Bullying Liberal Juggernaught Threatens Our Liberties
David Limbaugh / 2.24.2016
I’d almost forgotten how unreasonable the left can be when out of power, but liberals are giving us a daily refresher course. The glaring irony with all this is that it is liberals who are hateful and intolerant, authoritarian and lawless. They are the ones who represent a threat to our liberties – not Trump….read more
R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr The Revolution Moves to the Bathroom
R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. / 3.01.2017
As I find myself happily on the far side of middle age, I had assumed that I was now exempt from at least some of the cultural battles roaring through American society. How wrong I was. Recently I found myself, despite my utter insouciance to gender politics, hauled onto the battlefield….read more
Obama First Since Depression to Not See 3% GDP Growth
Terence P. Jeffrey  /  3.01.2017
With the Bureau of Economic Analysis reporting on Tuesday that real Gross Domestic Product grew at an estimated 1.6 percent in 2016, President Barack Obama remains the first president since the Great Depression not to see a single year with at least 3 percent growth in real GDP….read more