Dupes for the Dictatorship

Nelson Hultberg

January 27, 2014

Webster’s defines a dupe as “one who is easily deceived.” But a misperception prevails among most people. They think of dupes as ignorant people only. On the contrary, there are large amounts of intelligent dupes in all societies. Brains are no protection against dupery. In fact, I would classify dupery as one of the deadly sins that curse all men and women no matter what level of class and smarts they possess. Dictatorships depend upon dupery to perpetuate themselves – especially dupery among the intelligentsia.

There are, in this writer’s opinion, three forms of dupery afflicting the human race, or three major archetypes of dupery: 1) the dupes of ignorance, 2) the dupes of apathy, and 3) the dupes of inconceivability. These archetypes are always with us, and they are why tyranny has thrived so well throughout history. Let’s examine each of them.

1) Naturally dupes of ignorance are the most prevalent because the masses of low IQ humans outnumber the much smaller number of intelligentsia in all societies. Think of humanity as formed in the shape of a pyramid. Those lacking in the capacity to reason and think clearly make up the bottom half of the pyramid, far more than 50 percent of humanity. So this sector is going to produce far more dupes than any other.

2) The dupes of apathy encompass all classes of men and women and all levels of intelligence. These types get so caught up in their careers, their families, and their country clubs, that the political direction of their country takes a tragic back seat to their personal concerns. Many individuals succumb to this problem, some temporarily, but most perpetually for a lifetime. Then all of a sudden they wake up in the midst of a full blown dictatorship and exclaim, “This is not what America is supposed to be. The Founders must be turning over in their graves.” But it is too late. The doors to freedom have closed. Our rights have been suspended by stealth. Centralized government has usurped all our important freedoms and left us with only a few bones of superficial freedom, such as the right to watch pornography and do dope. Or a bunch of false rights, such as the right to happiness, automatic acceptance, and security, instead of our true rights, which are to PURSUE happiness, acceptance, and security.

3) The dupes of inconceivability are found mostly among the intelligentsia, the articulate thinking people of society. We listen to the intelligentsia’s lectures in the classrooms, watch their movies produced in Hollywood, read their newspaper columns, and hear their sermons at church. But the intelligentsia are not just professors, preachers, and scribes. One also finds intelligentsia leading the discussions at the office water coolers, in the barroom gatherings, at the church and PTA meetings. They are the men and women of the mind, professionals and laymen. They possess acute perception and the ability to translate that perception into ideas to their fellowman. They are the leaders of society through their spheres of influence. But, unfortunately, they are not immune to dupery. Many of them fall victim to it just like ignorant and apathetic people. There is something in their brains that keeps them from believing that big, dark, heinous crimes can be committed by their political leaders.

“Wilhelm, we will not have that kind of talk in this family. It is inconceivable that our revered leaders would be sending Jewish people to extermination camps. The Jews are being sent to re-education camps so as to be more ably absorbed into the glorious German way of life that our Fuhrer has promised us.”

This manner of thought permeated Germany throughout the late 1930s and early 1940s. It is the way the German intelligentsia handled the horrific knowledge that was leaking into their communities about the Nazi leaders and the atrocities taking place regarding the Jews. Declaring something to be “inconceivable” is the way many intelligent people are able to deny terrible criminality on the part of their own government leaders. Sinclair Lewis wrote a book in 1935 about this kind of mental blank out titled, It Can’t Happen Here. It’s about how fascism takes over a land and how thinking of it as “inconceivable” allows it to sneak past the intelligentsia to implement its suppression of the people. Most of the German intelligentsia played the role of dupes because they deemed Nazi atrocities to be “inconceivable.”

FDR and Pearl Harbor

In America today, most intelligent people can’t believe the recent revelations that FDR knew ahead of time about the coming attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and allowed it to happen because he needed an excuse to take America into the war to help our ally, Great Britain. He also wanted into the war to divert the people’s attention away from the misery of the Depression and the failure of his stultifying New Deal. This is what war does. It allows a political leader to divert the people’s attention away from any domestic difficulties and unifies the people behind him.

Robert Stinnett’s blockbuster book, Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor, clearly catalogues the weeks preceding Pearl Harbor from the wartime documents finally declassified and available via the Freedom of Information Act. They show that Roosevelt knew 48 hours in advance that Japan was going to attack our Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7th. Washington / British counterintelligence had cracked the Japanese radio code and knew what they were planning. Yet Roosevelt did nothing to warn Admiral Kimmel in Hawaii to take the fleet out to sea, thus removing it from the bottled up death trap of the harbor.

Stinnett gives us hard facts and documents clearly demonstrating that FDR wanted an “incident” severe enough to galvanize the American people to support entering the war. To bring about this severe incident, the Roosevelt administration engaged in a series of provocative acts beginning in October 1940 to induce the Japanese into attacking first and thus allow us to enter the war. When the attack finally came fourteen months later, FDR left his commanders at Pearl in the dark about its time and place. Stinnett’s book jolts Americans into seeing the awful amorality of their political leaders who heartlessly sacrifice thousands of lives to move their nation into war and attempt to solve problems with government that government itself has created.

Yet talk about this perfidy on the part of Roosevelt to today’s Americans (both liberals and conservatives), and you will get vehement denials from 80 to 90 percent of them. “Why that’s utter nonsense,” they will exclaim. “Inconceivable,” they will tell you. But the facts do not lie, and Robert Stinnett has uncovered the facts for all Americans to know the truth.

Remember, such dupes of inconceivability are highly intelligent, well read, and logical. Yet when they are shown the research and documentation that have exposed such perfidy, they repeat their denials and shift the discussion elsewhere as soon as possible. Like the Germans, something is missing in their brains, which prohibits them from believing their own leaders capable of such evil.

JFK and Dallas

I encounter this kind of obstinate disbelief all the time when attempting to expose government’s cavalier criminality. In my previous article, The Killing of Kennedy, I received numerous emails from intelligent people exclaiming that it is “inconceivable” that elements in our own government would conspire to kill the President. It is “inconceivable” that such an act could be suppressed and kept secret.

Agreed, such an act cannot be suppressed (forever). But it can for a while. For 30 years it was suppressed via the Warren Commission’s egregious sophistry, the natural dupery of ignorance, apathy, and inconceivability among our people, and the mysterious deaths of over 100 witnesses, reporters, cops, federal agents, attorneys, investigators, etc. who got too close to the truth about the JFK conspiracy.

But this suppression is now falling apart. The truth is finally being uncovered because of what took place in 1994. The ARRB (Assassination Records Review Board) was created by Congress due to the public furor raised over Oliver Stone’s provocative film, JFK. The board’s role was to declassify government held documents pertaining to the killing of  Kennedy, and it did just that. The ARRB declassified several million pages of documents.

This release of documents to the public, combined with surprising new witnesses that came forth in the 1980s and 1990s to testify about what they know, has opened up the JFK mystery to much firmer conclusions. We are no longer getting speculative books of conjecture with a paucity of facts. We are now getting books about nefarious associations, agents, and power elites rife with treasure troves of facts – new knowledge that was not available to the authors of the 1960s and 1970s such as Mark Lane and his Rush to Judgment in 1966.

Today’s authors (post 2000) have built an informed and irrefutable case that overwhelms the Warren Commission like a tsunami overwhelms a bamboo hut. It shows the Warren Commission to be precisely what it is: a shocking cover-up that has survived all these years because of the dupery of humanity.

“Inconceivable,” exclaim the die-hard dupes. “Our leaders would never do such a ghastly deed.” Unfortunately, they would. And Lord Acton told us why back in the late nineteenth century: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Those among the intelligentsia, who defend the Warren Commission because the early critics of the 1960s and 1970s weren’t convincing to them, need to investigate the new release of books since the ARRB formation.

JFK and the Unspeakable, by James W. Douglass, Crossfire, by Jim Marrs (updated version), and Breach of Trust, by Gerald D. McKnight profoundly validate Jim Garrison’s theory that the killing was not the product of a lone assassin, or the mob, or the Russians, or Castro. It was the result of rogue elements in the CIA, Pentagon, and FBI that feared JFK had become soft on communism, which would lead to the destruction of America. Yes, JFK was soft on communism. But the way to handle such softness in a free republic is to vote him out of office, not assassinate him.

Those intelligent people – who continue to maintain that a conspiracy is “inconceivable,” but have not read the new documented works on the JFK assassination – are playing the same role as the German intelligentsia of the late 1930s, early 1940s. They are playing the role of dupes for the dictatorship.