AFR Mission Statement

With the Darth Vaders of the Potomac callously usurping our most basic rights and the Federal Government spreading toxic ruin wherever it treads, our country desperately needs a new political direction. Confiscatory taxes, wild inflation of the currency, trillions of dollars in debt, and inexcusable subsidies to opportunistic factions of voters are not what Jefferson and the Founders had in mind.

Pervasive statism dominates us today because our pundits and politicians preach the necessity of “bigger and bigger government” every year. And a majority of voters wish to expand government every year. There are two sources for this: 1) the false ideology of liberalism, and 2) the government’s ability to confiscate the wealth of productive people via progressive tax rates and pass it out to less productive people through subsidies, programs and pork so as to buy their votes on Election Day.

To combat these sources, we must fight the ideology of liberalism with the ideology of freedom, i.e., the vision of limited government that the Founders gave us. To that end the articles we publish and the books we promote on this site are vehemently opposed to liberalism and its collectivist vision for mankind.

Most importantly we must end the government’s ability to confiscate our wealth by means of “progressive tax rates.” We must pressure Congress to enact an equal-rate tax system and back it with an amendment to the Constitution. This will end the government’s ability to redistribute wealth, which is how it is able to grow relentlessly.

If you are in agreement with what has been said here, we need your support. Read our “Equal Rights Amendment For Taxation” linked below and also our tax report, “Ending Progressive Tax Rates in America.” Then spread their ideas to all your friends and neighbors. That is the way they did it in Thomas Paine’s day, and we must do the same.

An Equal Rights Amendment For Taxation

Ending Progressive Tax Rates In America