Patrick J. Buchanan Hillary’s High Crimes & Misdemeanors
Patrick J. Buchanan  /  11.03.2016
If Hillary Clinton is elected president, and if what Bret Baier is reporting from FBI sources is true, America is headed for a constitutional crisis. James Comey should state publicly whether what Baier’s FBI sources are telling him is false or true. The people have a right to know – before Tuesday….read more
Michelle Malkin A Fifth Clinton Presidency? Hill, no!
Michelle Malkin  /  11.02.2016
Electing Hillary would doom America to a fifth Clinton White House. From 1993-2001, we suffered the first two Clinton regimes. From 2008-2016, Obama’s “Hope and Change” administration gave us the third and fourth. It was infested with moldy-oldie Clintonites from day one. At the center of it all? John Podesta….read more
Paul Craig Roberts Can the Oligarchy Steal the Election?
Paul Craig Roberts / 11.04.2016
The election was set up to be stolen from Trump. That was the purpose of the polls rigged by overweighting Hillary supporters in the samples. After weeks of hearing poll results that Hillary was in the lead, the public would discount a theft claim. Clearly the Oligarchy does not want Donald Trump…Hillary is their agent….read more
Victor Davis Hanson Has Clinton Topped Nixon?
Victor Davis Hanson / 11.03.2016
The former secretary of state has been exposed as a ruthless politician following a playbook similar to Tricky Dick’s. seemingly every day WikiLeaks produces more evidence of the Clinton Foundation leveraging the Clinton State Department for pay-for-play profiteering….read more
Chuck Baldwin Dates that Destroyed America
Chuck Baldwin  /  10.27.2016
A list of dates that Baldwin believes have helped, and are helping, to destroy our country and why. Starting with Abraham Lincoln’s administration that destroyed the Jeffersonian model of federalism in America, we travel through the 19th and 20th centuries to the modern day and the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage….read more
Joseph Farah Meet the New ‘Self-Hating Americans’
Joseph Farah   /  11.01.2016
In many ways, the 2016 presidential election is a referendum on America. One candidate says he wants to “Make America Great Again.” The other essentially deplores America as a racist, bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, hateful place with an even worse history. Who are these “self-loathing Americans”?….read more
Walter E. Williams The Rich and Us
Walter E. Williams  /  11.02.2016
If some rich people can line the pockets of politicians to do their bidding at the expense of the rest of us, who’s to blame? I think it’s we, the people, who are to blame for not using our votes to run such politicians out of town. But that might be deceitful of us, for we also ask politicians to enable us to live at the expense of others….read more
Our New Country: Women and Minorities Hit Hardest
Ann Coulter / 10.26.2016
The purpose of our immigration policies is not to help Americans – or the immigrants who want to live in America. They are designed to funnel welfare-dependent voters to the Democrats and cheap labor to the rich. Our country will be Zimbabwe, but – if all goes according to the Democrats’ plan – they’ll get to be Mugabe!….read more
Thomas Sowell The Left’s Vision
Thomas Sowell  /  11.01.2016
The political left keeps announcing, as if it is a new breakthrough discovery of theirs, that life is unfair. Have they not read Thomas Gray’s “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard,” more than two and a half centuries ago? What about economic historian David S. Landes’ statement: “The world has never been a level playing field”?….read more
Wayne Allen Root It’s Trump…or the End of America
Wayne Allen Root / 11.03.2016
Don’t look now. Everything we believe in – everything that made America great – has been under full scale assault for eight long years – from multiple directions. And Hillary is here to finish the job. So…we either send a strong message heard around the world and elect Trump, or the America we know and love is gone. Forever….read more
 Ron Paul


Blame Government, Not Markets for Monopoly
Ron Paul / 10.31.2016
In a free market, monopolies only exist when government tilts the playing field in favor of well-connected crony capitalists. Those concerned about excessive corporate power should join supporters of the free market in repudiating the regulations, taxes, and subsides that benefit politically-powerful businesses….read more
Peter Schiff Stocks Slide as Jobs Report Keeps Rate Hike Possibility Alive
Peter Schiff  /  11.04.2016
Today U.S. stocks extended their losing streak to 9 consecutive days. We haven’t had a losing streak this long since 1980 – that was 36 years ago. Eight consecutive down days last took place in the financial crisis year of 2008, so we had tied that yesterday. Now we one-bettered it and we’re back to the longest streak since 1980….read more
Daniel J. Mitchell Tax Cuts and Economic Growth
Daniel J. Mitchell  /  11.04.2016
While there are some politicians who blindly act as if all tax cuts are self-financing, Reaganomics was not based on that notion. Instead, proponents of the Reagan tax cuts simply argued reforms would lead to more growth – and therefore more taxable income. And, on that basis, it was a slam-dunk victory….read more
Cal Thomas October Demise?
Cal Thomas / 11.01.2016
As the FBI re-starts its prematurely halted investigation into Hillary’s “extremely careless” handling of classified materials, perhaps this time it will conclude what it should have concluded the first time around – that the Democratic presidential candidate and some of her aides engaged not just in carelessness, but in criminal activity….read more


Will the Reopening of Hillary’s Email Case Matter?
Mark Davis / 10.31.2016
Make no mistake. I am enjoying the revival of FBI interest in Hillary Clinton’s email skullduggery as much as anyone eager to prevent her presidency. But as we move toward the final week of the election, I have to ask: how much is this really going to matter? My hope is that it matters greatly….read more