Salvation of America

"Four Pillars of Reform"

Nelson Hultberg

July 28, 2014

Everybody thinks Ross Perot failed in his 1992 campaign for President. On the contrary, he was a great success. He showed us the way to TAKE BACK AMERICA. He showed us the greatest podium in history – a podium that we can use to tell the truth to 70 million voters about how America is being corrupted by Washington bureaucrats and corporate-banking oligarchs.

All that is necessary is to emulate what Perot did by gaining entrance into the national TV presidential debates combined with the half-hour lectures on nationwide TV that he gave the night before each debate. Imagine a prominent patriot conservative doing this and explaining to 70 million viewers how the Democrat-Republican monopoly of politics is destroying the country because it won’t tell the truth to the people about money, taxes, immigration, and foreign policy.

Wise observers know we no longer have two political parties in America. We have only the Demopublican Party comprised of a Democrat wing and a Republican wing. As Patrick Buchanan says, “Two wings of the same bird of prey.” Both wings preach and implement big, monstrous government.

Thus our goal at AFR is to establish a second party, the National Independent Party, that forces the Republicans and Democrats to merge. This will break their monopoly that dominates American politics and give us a genuine two-party system.

The Four Pillars of Reform

What will bring this about is AFR’s Four Pillars of Reform for America’s monetary, tax, immigration, and foreign policy systems. Our goal is to recruit a prominent conservative patriot to run an Independent campaign on these four reforms (like Ross Perot in 1992; only this time stand clearly for freedom instead of the “vague reformism” that Perot campaigned on).

There can be no salvation of America without implementation of these four reforms, which Democrats and Republicans refuse to promote. The Four Pillars are thoroughly explained in our National Independent Report. They are briefly:

Pillar # 1: Enactment of Milton Friedman’s 4% auto-expansion plan for the Federal Reserve. We must stop the Fed from expanding the money supply arbitrarily every year at 9%, 12%, 15%. This is what causes the relentless price inflation that plagues us. Our monetary base must be expanded every year at the same rate as goods and services are growing, which is 4%. This will reduce annual price inflation to zero and end the chaotic “boom-bust economy” from which we suffer. The 4% auto-expansion rate can be phased into so as to avoid crashing the economy. Ending the Fed totally would be a longer-term goal (explained below).

Pillar # 2: Enactment of a simplified 15% flat tax. All special privileges in our present tax code must be eliminated. Everyone above the poverty level of $22,000 for a family of four will pay a simple 15% equal-rate tax of their income that can be figured in ten minutes every April 15th. If we as American citizens are to have equal rights under the law, then we must eventually have equal tax rates for everyone with no special privileges in the form of deductions. However, the country’s not ready just yet for a total “no deductions tax.” The mortgage deduction, for example, will need to be retained (there are 87 million homeowners in America). But a simpler, flatter tax now will stop much of the unjust redistribution of wealth that creates the constant expansion of government in Washington today. Ending the income tax totally would be a longer-term goal (explained below).

Pillar # 3: A vigorous crackdown on illegal immigration. This will be done through a three-point plan that will bring about “self-deportation” of the great bulk of illegal immigrants in America today. There will be no amnesty granted. In addition America must return to the pre-1965 Immigration Accords, which will restore the sanity of a small stream of “legal” immigrants every year (approximately 200,000) who wish to become Americanized, learn our language, and respect our Constitution. Immigration is not a “natural right.” It is a “privilege” granted by the citizens of the country involved. This was the view of Jefferson, Washington, and the Founders in 1787. It was the view of the Supreme Court in 1892. And it must become America’s view again.

Pillar # 4: A return to a “mind-our-own-business” foreign policy. This means ending our obsession with nation building and the role of policeman for the world. Such policies are bankrupting us both financially and morally. This does not mean isolationism. America needs the strongest military in the world. And there are plenty of crisis areas that need our concern to protect our security and survival. Help defend our strategic allies, yes, but stop the insanity of “nation building” and the neocons’ “militaristic global hegemony.” The dangers to America do not lie in foreign lands; they lie here at home in Washington.

* * * *

Two very important points to grasp regarding the FOUR PILLARS STRATEGY:

1) If we are to get a patriot libertarian-conservative into the national TV Presidential debates, he cannot use language such as “abolishing the Fed and repealing the income tax” even though these are our ultimate goals. His message must be that we have to “check the explosive growth of government” in order to bring back sanity to our country. And the way to do this is to rein in the irresponsibility of the Fed and apply the justice of equal rights to our tax system.

Ending the Fed and the income tax are certainly laudable goals, which we will eventually accomplish. But to do this the citizenry must first be convinced to accept gold money and free-market banking as replacements for the Fed. This will take many decades. In the meantime, we must end the Fed’s corruption of our currency.

The income tax remains popular because 50% of the citizens are exempt. But with the NIP flat tax, exemptions and favors will be eliminated. This will bring large amounts of zero-payers into the system, which will end their “infinite demand” for spending programs, which will reduce the income tax’s popularity to the point where it can eventually be abolished. This will lower spending every year to where we can, in a decade or so, replace the income tax with a 7-8% sales tax. At present, the Fair Tax proposal is based on a 23% sales tax. The people won’t accept a national sales tax of this level. So ending the Fed and the income tax are longer term goals. Today we must restore sanity.

2) All challengers to the Democrat-Republican monopoly such as the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party, marginalize themselves with “instant idealism” (such as ending the Fed and the income tax) that scares the daylights out of the voters. The people perceive them as not living in the real world. Thus they are unable to attract a nationally prominent candidate to represent them on the campaign trail. This dooms these parties to only 1% of the vote on Election Day. And it is what doomed Ron Paul to only 12%.

What is necessary is a more common sense approach that will avoid marginalization. This is what the Four Pillars of Reform offer. They are powerful, substantive reforms that will stop the growth of the federal government cold, but will not scare the electorate and thus will be attractive to a nationally prominent candidate. This will make a profound difference in voter acceptance. Without such a nationally prominent candidate, any political challenge of the establishment is doomed to 1% of the vote.

We believe a nationally-known political candidate, running an independent campaign on the Four Pillars of Reform, would get 38% of the vote, which wins easily in a three-man race. Four constituencies would coalesce to support such a candidate: 1) conservatives, 2) independents, 3) libertarians, and 4) blue-collar Democrats.

The country is ready for an alternative political party. As Victor Hugo said, “There is nothing more powerful in history than an idea whose time has come.” It was too early in 1992 when Perot made his run; now it’s not. To save America, we must do to the Republican Party what the Republican Party did to the Whigs in 1854.

Forming the National Independent Party

How do we bring the NIP about? There are three steps:

First, we enlist big league pundits such as Pat Buchanan, Glenn Beck, and Laura Ingraham to endorse the National Independent Party and work with us. They wish very much to challenge the Democrat-Republican monopoly. They know progressive taxation and fiat money inflation are dangerous threats to freedom. They understand the perils of open borders and the neoconservative’s egregious foreign policy that seeks militaristic hegemony throughout the world. They are great American patriots.

Second, we gather Buchanan, Beck, Ingraham, et al together and invite one or two mega-billionaire conservatives in America who are politically active to join us. Of prime importance will be the “anti-amnesty billionaires” (AFR has a list of 10-12). And we commit them to putting up the necessary pac-advertising money to build a grassroots base of one million member-donors.

Third, with a base of one million member-donors, we recruit a prominent free-market conservative to run as an Independent candidate for President on the Four Pillars of Reform and do what Ross Perot tried so valiantly to do in 1992. One million supporters gives us the financial clout to put such a candidate on the ballot in five months in all fifty states. Only this time we stand clearly for “freedom” rather than the “vague reformism” that doomed Perot’s campaign.

Launching the Revolution

Americans are ready for radical reform of our monetary, tax, immigration, and foreign policy systems. The latest polls show that 42% of American voters no longer consider themselves to be Democrats or Republicans. We believe this figure will soon be 50%. The people are thoroughly fed up.

An Independent ticket – headed by a nationally prominent, free-market conservative running on the Four Pillars of Reform – would win with 38% of the vote, and once it is strong enough to draw 45% of the vote, it will force the RINO Republicans to merge with the Democrats for all future elections.

Can this revolution actually happen? Yes, history is now ready for this; it’s an idea whose time has come. Once big league pundits like Pat Buchanan, Glenn Beck, and Laura Ingraham begin to lend their support, and the necessary pac-advertising money is obtained from one or two “anti-amnesty” mega-billionaires, a powerful coalition of mind and money will have been forged.

This will get a strong patriot candidate into the election race, not as a Republican, but as an Independent. He must run as an Independent and appeal directly to the American people, which frees him from control by the neocons and their Wall Street cronies. This is the only way the truth can be told to the voters. No Republican candidate will ever get the nomination of his party by espousing the Four Pillars of Reform, i.e., by telling the truth about our situation and what is necessary to restore sanity to the country.

The “GOP hierarchy” of scholars, pundits, bankers, moguls, and institute heads would never support him if he tried. They are crypto liberals, Keynesians, and globalists. The Founders’ vision of freedom is not in their lexicon. Our National Independent Report explains this point more thoroughly.

All it takes is one mega-billionaire to fund the advertising necessary to build an independent member-donor base to one million supporters. It is such supporters who would then contribute the money to get a conservative “freedom candidate” on the ballot in all fifty states. Such a candidate would easily get into the national TV presidential debates where he could vigorously challenge the Democrat-Republican monopoly in front of 70 million voters. This would electrify the nation and profoundly change the American political paradigm.

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