The New Carpetbaggers

Nelson Hultberg

April 4, 2004


Stuart Shoemaker [] has coined the perfect description of the nefarious elites who control the Republican Party and why they are so hated by true conservatives and hard money people. He calls them the “New Carpetbaggers.”

These are the Big Government, Northeastern Republicans (the Rockefellers, the Bushes, the Greenspans, etc.) who have throughout the 20th century held prestigious positions in the corporate-banking-political triad that runs Washington and Wall Street with fiat money inflation and stock market manipulation.

Why the term, “New Carpetbaggers?” Because, as Shoemaker points out, they have in the past few decades migrated south in order to enhance their control over the levers of government. This has allowed them to expand their grip on power, which is the real lure that excites them. Freedom, justice, and the Constitution are not values that motivate such men. Naked expansive power and control are what move these velvet-glove authoritarians.

What they wish to control, of course, are the purse strings to the economy and thus the political levers to the nation. Once these are sufficiently centralized in Washington, then their New World Order vision can begin to take shape. Just as the Northern Republicans of the 1870’s and their mega-bank backers came south to enlarge their control over the country in the aftermath of the Civil War, so have the New Carpetbaggers — the Rockefeller/Bushite Republicans — come south to solidify their political grip on today’s America. Their migration takes a different shape from that of their predecessors in the 1870’s, but it accomplishes the same result. It expands centralization of government in Washington. The difference today is that the power horizon has been expanded. The ultimate goal is now world government and the end of national sovereignties. But the mystic South, with her prize electoral block, is still what draws the Yankee money elites and their political henchmen. Like Antony to Cleopatra, they come to court her.

Forty Acres and a Mule

The New Carpetbaggers began to realize the necessity of migrating into the South back in 1968 when Richard Nixon (newly initiated into the CFR oligarchy by the Rockefellers) won the Presidency by appealing to the Southern conservative voters. That was the year George Wallace was also wooing the Southern voters, which was why the race was so close between Nixon and Hubert Humphrey. If Wallace had stayed out, the Southern conservatives would have overwhelmingly gone with Nixon and created a landslide for the Republicans.

Suddenly the old political game had been transformed. The previously solid Democratic South was now open territory to the GOP. Nixon was the first to capitalize on this historic shift, and ever since then the Northeastern Republicans have been “migrating south” to lure Dixie’s conservative voters into believing that the Republican Party has come to restore the limited government Constitutional system that the Democratic Party has so wantonly wasted.

And like credulous little children, the Southerners believe the lies being spewed out. Every year they buy into the same old Rockfeller/Bushite political malarky such as “Read my lips — no new taxes,” “Let’s dust off the Tenth Amendment and restore states rights,” “We need a foreign policy that eschews nation building,” etc.

In the 1870’s, the tune was 40 acres and a mule to be given to any newly freed slave who voted for the Republican Party. Of course, the carpetbagger Republicans neglected to tell the black voters that they would be coming to live on a new plantation, one being formed for them in Washington. Their status as slaves was not really to change. They would just have a new master — the ever burgeoning bureaucracy on the Potomac. And this master was not just meant for the black people; it was now meant for all people.

Well, today’s Rockfeller/Bushite carpetbaggers see the same potential for political power in the South. Thus, every election year they offer the Southern voters what they want to hear about freedom from Big Government. They offer them disingenuous campaign bull.

What is so mystifying to this writer is, how can the rank and file voters of America continue to buy into endless streams of Republicans coming before them during election season announcing their intentions to cut back on government? Don’t these rank and file Americans have memories? Don’t they read history? Aside from a few devout contrarians such as Congressman Ron Paul, where in the past 40 years has there ever been a Republican to really “walk the walk” on cutting back government? There hasn’t been anyone, and there won’t be anyone because the Republican Party pols are bought and paid for by the Wall Street mega-bank crowd, both of whom live in mortal fear of having to give up their game of fiat money and progressive taxation, which are their instruments to power.

The way the game is played is by means of a tacit partnership between the two power elites of society, the banks and the politicians. The partnership is formed through the use of paper money and progressive tax rates. The political elites give the mega-banks the power to create paper wealth out of thin air via the Fed and its fractional reserve cartel, and in turn the banking elites put up with the politicians’ employment of progressive tax rates. Even though a progressive tax is not beneficial to the banking elites, they tolerate it because it allows their partners the politicians to buy power through mass subsidies, programs, and pork. Thus both elite groups get something from their symbiotic relationship. The bankers get immensely wealthy through inflation of the money supply via interest paybacks, and the politicians get returned to power every year via the wealth they redistribute from the productive classes to the parasitical classes.

What makes the two burdens of inflation and taxes tolerable to each of the partners is that much of the progressive tax load is conveniently avoided by the banks through legal maneuvers they buy with their great wealth and through special privileges written into the law by their political partners in Washington. Much of the inflation burden is conveniently avoided by the politicians because of their ability to legislate their own salary increases at will. Thus, both partners are able to avoid the burden of the exploitation tool that the other uses. Bankers avoid the politicians tax; and politicians avoid the bankers debasement of the currency. The poor saps who get left holding the bag are the productive middle class who have to pay the confiscatory taxes and watch helplessly while the bankers steal an additional 3%-5% of their wealth every year through inflation.

Can the System Be Reformed?

There are numerous libertarian-conservative activists trying to “reform” the system by working in the Republican Party. I wish these hearty souls well in their efforts to work WITHIN the party, but they are deluding themselves.

The Republican power structure is shrewd enough to patronize all freedom-oriented reform efforts with superficial concessions and lip service to the Constitution. But this is about all the “in-party” activists will get — a few patronizing rhetorical bones thrown their way during election season. The real essence of Republican administrations will continue to be dominated by pragmatic, unprincipled power lust, i.e., the Rockfeller/Bushite mindset.

The only answer to this dilemma is a genuine third party challenge that can circumvent the corporate-banking-political triad that has turned our allegedly “two-party” politics into a Demopublican charade. Without a genuine competitive third party in the campaign and in the nationally televised debates, NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE! Republicans and Democrats will alter their policies only if a counterveiling power threatens their rule by appealing to large constituencies of voters.

Why? Because the Demopublicans are blessed with a compliant media and a vast supporting corps of academic sympathizers. This establishes a near monopoly over what information is released through the media and the schools to the electorate. The media lackeys will never bite the hand that feeds them in Washington. They are today’s version of Lenin’s apparatchiks in the 1920’s. They have memorized the appropriate cliches, and have accomplished the appropriate ethical-intellectual blanking out that massive statism requires. They get, in return, celebrity status in Washington and invitations to the palace dinners. The academics in the universities have become part of this monopoly because their Marxist sympathies long ago led them lockstep into the Keynesian/anti-capitalist paradigm. Both of these institutions, the media and the academy, have sold the idea of a free society down the river for the warmth of social and intellectual popularity.

This gives the Demopublican elites control over what information reaches the electorate. Since the media and the academics subscribe to the same goal of government centralization that the Demopublicans pursue, the electorate is never told that there is another political philosophy around which to organize our country. The Demopublican monopoly teaches statism, broadcasts statism, and presents only differing versions of statism in the election debates. The message of freedom and strict Constitutionalism is shut out.

The only way to break through this Demopublican vice grip is with a third party that becomes prominent enough to gain 15% in the polls and qualify for inclusion in the nationally televised election debates. Then at least the cause of freedom would have a chance because it would have a hearing in front of the voters.

If we cannot somehow break the Demopublican monopoly and open up the political process with a competitive third party that has some teeth, then America will continue to slip further and further into Tocqueville’s “benevolent dictatorship” in the upcoming decades. This is the harsh reality that faces us as the entire world heads deeper into an economic meltdown that is going to bring waves of Demopublican demagoguery to our land in answer to the chaos that the Demopublicans themselves have caused.