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Why We Must Form a Second Political Party in America

afr_homeAmerica no longer has a two-party political system. We have only one party, the Demopublican Party, with a Democratic wing and a Republican wing – as Patrick Buchanan puts it “two wings of the same bird of prey.” This travesty must be corrected. To bring about a correction, AFR is forming the National Independent Party to launch a second-party opposition to the Demopublicans in the 2016 elections. A nationally prominent, free-market conservative such as Ted Cruz or Mike Lee will be recruited to do what Ross Perot did in 1992. Our platform will be radical reform for America’s tax, monetary, immigration, and foreign policy systems. To find out how this second American Revolution is going to take place, click below:

Patrick J. Buchanan A Muslim President? Was Ben Carson Right?
Patrick J. Buchanan  /  9.24.2015
Beliefs matter. “Ideas Have Consequences,” as conservative scholar Richard Weaver wrote in his classic of that title in 1948. Yet, for so believing, and so saying, Dr. Ben Carson has been subjected to a Rodney King-style night-sticking by the P.C. police….read more
Judge Napolitano Pope Francis, False Prophet?
Judge Andrew Napolitano  /  9.25.2015
Pope Francis is popular on the world stage, and the crowds love him. But if he fails in his basic duties as the pope, if his concern is more for secular than sacred, if he aids the political agenda of the atheistic left, he is a false prophet leading his flock to a dangerous place….read more
Chuck Baldwin The Trump / Boehner Slugfest
Chuck Baldwin  /  9.24.2015
Trump’s popularity is directly related to the way that he is willing to boldly and courageously stand against the Boehner/McConnell, mealy-mouthed, sissified, spineless, jellyfish, pro-amnesty, pro-Obamacare Republican establishment… Hoorah! Finally, the establishment is being challenged….read more
R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr Donald Amongst the Eggheads
R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. / 9.23.2014
Trump’s rambunctious presence in the race is responsible for a miracle. The conservative intellectuals have finally thrown in with the left intellectuals. Both disrelish Trump, and…they are not very happy with Carson or Fiorina [either]. A year ago these three would be sitting in the politicians’ audience….read more
Victor Davis Hanson Hillary Clinton’s Empire of Dirt
Victor Davis Hanson / 9.22.2015
For nearly 40 years, Bill and Hillary Clinton have crafted joint power careers. But “in the end,” what have they become? What is left but their front foundation, their Soros-funded surrogates, and their lock-step loyalists – in other words, their “empire of dirt”?….read more
Michelle Malkin Why “The View” Is Bombing
Michelle Malkin  /  9.17.2015
“The View” TV show has devolved into an ear-splitting bickerfest of elite divas who scoff and sneer at those who do not enjoy their celebrity privilege or share their left-wing ideological values….What is their talent? Sucking up to other celebrity women, faking on-set chemistry and camaraderie….read more
 Ron Paul Blame America? No, Blame Neocons!
Ron Paul / 9.20.2015
I don’t blame America. You and I are America. I don’t blame you. I blame bad policy. I blame the interventionists. I blame the neoconservatives who preach this stuff, who believe in it like a religion – that they have to promote American goodness even if you have to bomb and kill people….read more
Wayne Allen Root Good Riddance to John Boehner
Wayne Allen Root / 9.25.2015
Goodbye John. Don’t let the door hit you in the backside on the way out. That’s my feeling about the news out today that House Speaker John Boehner is resigning from Congress (effective at the end of October). I am thrilled to see him go. Tonight I will be dancing in the streets….read more
Peter Schiff Groundhog Day at the Fed
Peter Schiff  /  9.18.2015
Every dictator knows that a continuous state of emergency is the best means to justify tyrannical policies. The trick is to keep the fictitious emergency from breeding so much paranoia that routine activities come to a halt…its best to make the threat external, intangible and ultimately, unverifiable….read more
Cal Thomas Ben Carson’s Warning
Cal Thomas / 9.24.2015
Is it bigotry to quote what various Islamic leaders say are their intentions when it comes to establishing a worldwide caliphate and replacing the American Constitution with Sharia Law, or is it a warning we should take seriously and respond to as we would react to any other invasion?….read more
 John Whitehead The Ever-Encroaching Police State
John W. Whitehead / 9.22.2015
When we’re being bombarded with wall-to-wall news coverage and news cycles that change every few days, it’s difficult to stay focused on one thing – namely, holding the government accountable to abiding by the rule of law – and the powers-that-be understand this….read more
 Bill Bonner If the Economy Surprises Us
Bill Bonner / 9.25.2015
It should be no business of the Fed how much investors pay for U.S. assets. But 81 months of activist management – in which it held the price of Fed credit far below the “natural” rate – broke the system [and] intentionally shifted trillions of dollars in paper wealth toward America’s asset owners….read more
Greg Hunter Financial System Booby Trapped with Debt Bombs
Greg Hunter / 9.16.2015
Budget Director under Reagan, David Stockman, says “the central bankers pretend that they don’t see any bubbles. These people are not only bubble blind, they are bubble deaf. They have no capacity to understand the explosive nature of the financial markets that they are toying with”….read more
Walter E. Williams Liberal Reasoning: Idiotic or Dishonest?
Walter E. Williams  /  9.23.2015
Many people argue that liberals and progressives do not understand basic economics. I am not totally convinced…Take the law of demand, for example, one of the fundamental principles of economics…By their actions, liberals fully understand the law of demand. Let’s look at some proof….read more
Phyllis Schlafly Congress Must Exercise the Power of the Purse
Phyllis Schlafly  /  9.23.2015
The House voted overwhelmingly last week to suspend funding for one year while the video evidence against Planned Parenthood is properly investigated …so why [isn’t this bill] being attached to a bill that funds the government for the next fiscal year starting October 1?….read more