A New Equal Rights Amendment
Proposed by AFR’s Coalition to Amend the Constitution

afr_homeThe founding principle of America is that all citizens possess “equal rights under the law.” Our whole concept of rights is based upon their being equal for everyone. This was the guiding star of justice that spawned America and which sustained her through the first 125 years of her existence. In 1913, however, there took place a most shameful default on this concept of “equal rights” with adoption of the 16th Amendment, which allowed Congress to enact an income tax with unequal (i.e., progressive) rates. This travesty must be challenged, and the way to do it is with a “New Equal Rights Amendment” to the Constitution. AFR is launching the 28th Amendment that will, once and for all, end tax tyranny and the runaway freight train of government growth in America. To read more about this exciting cause, CLICK HERE



Ending the Income Tax and the IRS

Nelson Hultberg

Imagine for a moment America without an income tax. No more tedious record keeping of all our expenses. No more April 15th deadlines. No more insufferable complexity and exasperating forms. It would no longer be government’s business how much money we earn and what we do with it. Such a reform would dramatically change the lives of every one of us for the better. Could such a spectacular reform actually be brought about? Yes, it certainly can. AFR’s New Equal Rights Amendment for taxes is the first step…read more

Patrick J. Buchanan Will Mideast Allies Drag Us Into War?
Patrick J. Buchanan  /  1.05.2016
The New Year’s execution by Saudi Arabia of the Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr was a deliberate provocation. Its first purpose: Signal the new ruthlessness and resolve of the Saudi monarchy where the power behind the throne is the octogenarian King Salman’s son….read more
Judge Napolitano The Constitution, the President and Guns
Judge Andrew Napolitano  /  1.07.2016
In 2008, the Supreme Court laid to rest the once-simmering dispute over the meaning of the Second Amendment. In an opinion written by Justice Antonin Scalia, the court articulated the modern existence of the ancient right to keep and bear arms as a pre-political right….read more
 Ron Paul


Purism Is Practical
Ron Paul / 1.03.2016
Those who know the truth have a moral obligation to speak the truth. People who understand the need for drastic change…should not pretend that a little tinkering will fix our problems. Those who do so are just as guilty of lying to the public as is a promise-breaking politician….read more
R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr The Bells Toll for Hillary: FBI Is Closing In
R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. / 1.08.2016
The Federal Bureau of Investigation will recommend that the Justice Department bring criminal charges against Hillary Clinton and various of her aides, and soon. The evidence consists of materials that the Bureau has gathered in the course of its months-long investigation….read more
John Stossel Prediction Markets More Accurate than Polls
John Stossel  /  1.05.2016
Want to know who the next president will be? Don’t trust polls or pundits. Betting odds at ElectionBettingOdds.com are the best predictor of who will win any election. Pundits have a terrible track record. Last election, Newt Gingrich and Dick Morris forecast a Romney “landslide”….read more
Paul Craig Roberts Rule of Law No Longer Exists in Western Civilization
Paul Craig Roberts / 1.05.2016
Sir Thomas More’s warning about prosecutors and courts disregarding law in order to more easily convict undesirables and criminals has had the result of turning law away from being a shield of the people and making it into a weapon in the hands of government….read more
Bill Bonner Why We’d Welcome a Depression
Bill Bonner / 1.07.2016
You can’t see anything if you don’t look. So, we squint…we strain our eyes. And what do we see? A top! And then what? A secular downturn, when stocks will go down – or nowhere – for the next 10 years. If we’re right, a lot of fortunes, jobs, reputations, and mojos will be lost….read more
Thomas Sowell Remembering 2015
Thomas Sowell  /  12.29.2015
How shall we remember 2015? Or shall we try to forget it? It is always hard to know when a turning point has been reached, and usually it is long afterwards before we recognize it. However, if 2015 has been a turning point, it may well have marked a turn in a downward direction for America….read more
Michelle Malkin Inside the Garden of Town Hall Plants
Michelle Malkin  /  1.06.2016
Get out your best pruning shears and trowels. In an age of micromanaged partisan stagecraft and left-wing media enablers, there is no such thing as a spontaneous question. CNN has a long history of allowing political plants to flourish in its public forums….read more
Joseph Farah Freak-Out Over Trump’s Political Incorrectness
Joseph Farah   /  1.03.2016
One of the best developments of the 2016 presidential campaign has been the willingness of several candidates – especially Trump, Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson – to attack the politically correct mindset of the major media and the so-called “progressive” establishment….read more
Greg Hunter Middle East War, Global Market Crash
Greg Hunter / 1.08.2016
A Saudi Prince is saying war is unlikely with Iran, but…Iran burned the embassy after Saudi Arabia executed a Shia imam. Then, there are conflicting reports of Saudi bombing Iran’s embassy in Yemen. At its core, this is the age old problem of Sunni Muslims opposed to Shia Muslims….read more
David Limbaugh Liberal Media Blinded by Air of Superiority
David Limbaugh / 1.05.2016
The media’s role as government watchdog doesn’t exempt it from accountability for its own excesses and abuses. After all, the three branches of government aren’t beyond scrutiny just because they keep one another in check. And the media are no less vulnerable…to corruption and abuse….read more
John Whitehead Playing the Government’s Game: We All Lose
John W. Whitehead / 1.04.2016
Politics is a sham. Average Americans have largely lost all of the conventional markers of influencing government, whether through elections, petition, or protest, have no way to impact their government, no way to be heard, and no assurance that their concerns are truly being represented….read more
Paul Greenberg The Happiest of New Years
Paul Greenberg / 1.06.2016
Just think of the parade of years you have known or will know…Think of New Year’s Day 1914, before what was then known as the Great War engulfed us, and what we were once allowed to call Western Civilization changed forever. Think of New Year’s Day 1939, in England. All was still….read more
Cal Thomas Out of (Gun) Control
Cal Thomas / 1.07.2016
What is at the heart of liberalism…is that intent trumps results. Liberals are never held accountable for their failed policies, but are praised for having the right attitude, or worthy goals. As the saying goes, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. For the left, they have built a multi-lane highway….read more