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Why We Must Form a Second Political Party in America

afr_homeAmerica no longer has a two-party political system. We have only one party, the Demopublican Party, with a Democratic wing and a Republican wing – as Patrick Buchanan puts it “two wings of the same bird of prey.” This travesty must be corrected. To bring about a correction, AFR is forming the National Independent Party to launch a second-party opposition to the Demopublicans in the 2016 elections. A nationally prominent, free-market conservative such as Ted Cruz or Mike Lee will be recruited to do what Ross Perot did in 1992. Our platform will be radical reform for America’s tax, monetary, immigration, and foreign policy systems. To find out how this second American Revolution is going to take place, click below:

Patrick J. Buchanan Will the GOP Kick It Away?
Patrick J. Buchanan  /  3.17.2015
With Hillary Clinton scrambling to explain her missing emails, much of America is wailing, “Please don’t make us watch this movie again!”…Do Republicans really believe that America wants a return to the Cold War with Moscow and new and larger hot wars in the Middle East?….read more
Judge Napolitano What If Hillary Doesn’t Care?
Judge Andrew Napolitano  /  3.19.2015
What if Hillary Clinton’s emails were hacked by foreign agents when she was the secretary of state?…What if this is the sore underbelly of an arrogant and lawless secretary of state who used her power to exempt herself from [the] laws…and didn’t care about national security?….read more
 Ron Paul Iran Fighting ISIS – Is It Really a Problem?
Ron Paul / 3.15.2015
As Iran continues to take an active role in helping Iraq fight ISIS, many US neocons are upset that the US military is not over there on the ground doing the fighting. They want Americans to believe that only another US invasion of Iraq – and of Syria as well – can defeat ISIS….read more
Thomas Sowell Ruinous “Compassion”
Thomas Sowell  /  3.18.2015
It is not a breakthrough on the frontiers of knowledge that minimum wage laws reduce employment opportunities for the young and the unskilled of any age… This is just one of many policies that allow liberals to go around feeling good about themselves, while leaving havoc in their wake….read more
John Stossel I’ll Take Opportunity Over ‘Fairness’ Any Day
John Stossel  /  3.10.2015
Obama calls inequality “the defining issue of our time.” Really? Not our debt? Not ISIS? The president also said, “No challenge poses a greater threat…than climate change!” Politicians constantly find crises they will solve by increasing government power. But why is inequality a crisis?….read more
Michelle Malkin The Big, Fat Immigrant-Worker Lie
Michelle Malkin  /  3.18.2015
The H-1B foreign guest worker program [supposedly] requires American employers to first…recruit American workers before tapping an ever-growing government-rigged pipeline of cheap foreign workers. The foot soldiers of the open-borders brigade are lying, deluded, ignorant or bought-off….read more
Greg Hunter Financial System Will Collapse – Just a Matter of When
Greg Hunter / 3.18.2015
Renowned economist Laurence Kotlikoff recently testified at the U.S. Senate [that]…the real (2014) deficit was $5 trillion, not the $500 billion or $300 billion or whatever it was announced to be this year. Almost all the liabilities of the government are being kept off the books by bogus accounting….read more
Peter Schiff Peter Schiff Debates Monetary Policy
Peter Schiff  /  3.19.2015
The Federal Reserve removed “patient” from its policy statement and the media exploded with speculation on what [that ] might mean. Peter Schiff appeared on a panel discussion on Canada’s Business News Network to address the idea that removing the word means the Fed intends to raise rates….read more
Alan Caruba Why Moral Values Matter
Alan Caruba  /  3.19.2015
“Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other.” (John Adams)…It’s hard to consider the success of the book and film “Fifty Shades of Gray” without thinking that America has become morally bankrupt….read more
 Bill Bonner How, Exactly, the World Ends
Bill Bonner / 3.17.2015
Today, I’m going to tell you about the end of the world. Not the end of the world exactly. But the end of the fiat money system President Nixon gave birth to in 1971… when he cut the dollar loose from gold. And it may feel like the end of the world, because of the social chaos it will provoke….read more
William N. Grigg Cold War II: This Time, the Commies Are in Washington
William N. Grigg / 3.19.2014
On March 11, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) added Russian academic Alexander Dugin to its roster of “individuals and entities to be sanctioned over Russia’s interference in Ukraine”….Dugan was targeted for economic punishment as a thought criminal….read more
R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr Listening to Rand Paul
R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. / 3.18.2014
Today picking flowers in a national park or gathering arrowheads in the wilderness can land the perpetrator in the calaboose. Criminal liability ought to be restricted to criminals… Stealing a loaf of bread or selling a small quantity of marijuana…ought not to land a young person in jail….read more
Walter E. Williams Selma and Voting Rights Triumph
Walter E. Williams  /  3.18.2015
Black leaders stress the importance of political power and getting out the vote, but we might ask how important political power is to the ordinary black person. As a start toward answering that question, we might examine black life in cities where blacks hold considerable political power….read more
Cal Thomas Sunshine Week Should Turn Up the Heat
Cal Thomas / 3.19.2015
Next year will mark the 50th anniversary of the Freedom of Information Act, passed by Congress and signed by President Lyndon Johnson. Open government ensures that government better serves the people. Closed government leads to citizens becoming servants of the state….read more