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Why We Must Form a Second Political Party in America

afr_homeAmerica no longer has a two-party political system. We have only one party, the Demopublican Party, with a Democratic wing and a Republican wing – as Patrick Buchanan puts it “two wings of the same bird of prey.” This travesty must be corrected. To bring about a correction, AFR is forming the National Independent Party to launch a second-party opposition to the Demopublicans in the 2016 elections. A nationally prominent, free-market conservative such as Ted Cruz or Mike Lee will be recruited to do what Ross Perot did in 1992. Our platform will be radical reform for America’s tax, monetary, immigration, and foreign policy systems. To find out how this second American Revolution is going to take place, click below:

Patrick J. Buchanan Biblical Values – or Vegas Values?
Patrick J. Buchanan  /  4.28.2015
Republican candidates for 2016 could be found this weekend at one of two events, or both. The first was organized by the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition and held in Waukee…The second event…was held in Sin City at the Venetian hotel-casino and home of Sheldon Adelson….read more
Judge Napolitano Not Your Grandfather’s FBI
Judge Andrew Napolitano  /  4.23.2015
Does the FBI manifest fidelity, bravery and integrity, or does it cut constitutional corners in order to incriminate? Can the FBI cut the cable television lines to your house and then show up pretending to be the cable guy and install listening devices?….read more
 Ron Paul Why Are US Special Forces in 81 Countries?
Ron Paul / 4.27.2015
US special operations forces are operating in 81 countries according to the Wall Street Journal. Their budget has increased five-fold since 2001 and their personnel have doubled. They operate in secret, most often without Congressional oversight or even knowledge….read more
Chuck Baldwin Jeb and Hillary: The Worst of Evils
Chuck Baldwin  /  4.23.2015
It is not uncommon these days to hear people refer to Jeb and Hillary as the “royals.” While I’m glad that a lot of people seem to have a natural revulsion to having another Bush or Clinton in the White House, the fact is, the Bushes and Clintons are not two “royals.” They are one CRIME FAMILY….read more
Cal Thomas Another Signpost On the Road to Destruction
Cal Thomas / 4.28.2015
When future historians analyze the decline of America they need look no further than the trivialities increasingly occupying our time and concerns instead of substantive matters seriously threatening our existence. The latest…is the two-hour ABC special last Friday devoted to…Bruce Jenner….read more
Thomas Sowell The New Inquisition
Thomas Sowell  /  4.14.2015
How long will this country remain free? Probably only as long as the American people value their freedom enough to defend it. But how many people today can stop looking at their electronic devices long enough to even think about such things?….read more
Peter Schiff FOMC Is Bluffing; Prepare for QE4
Peter Schiff  /  4.28.2015
The bigger problem for the US market is the…weakening US dollar, which I think is about to get a lot weaker as people get their arms around the real predicament that the US economy is in. They’re still going pretend that there’s a rate hike somewhere at the end of this rainbow….read more
John Stossel What Creates Jobs
John Stossel  /  4.28.2015
FDR’s New Deal was the dawn of belief that jobs flow from government. FDR didn’t seem to care whether jobs people did were productive or sustainable. He just wanted something done about the “armies” of unemployed. If they weren’t given jobs, they might become a real army and revolt….read more
Michelle Malkin Debunking Obama’s Bilious Baltimore Babble
Michelle Malkin  /  4.28.2015
It’s never enough. American taxpayers have surrendered billions and billions and billions of dollars to the social-justice-spender-in-chief. But it’s never, ever enough. The latest paroxysm of urban violence, looting, and recriminations in Baltimore prompted President Obama on Tuesday to….read more
Tom Tancredo Is Scott Walker Moving Right on Immigration?
Tom Tancredo  /  4.24.2015
Any presidential candidate can expect to be pilloried…by the establishment if he speaks the truth about immigration reform. And…since political correctness has found a home in the Republican Party as well as the Harvard faculty lounge, speaking up for American workers is out of fashion….read more
Greg Hunter Geoengineering – Fast Track to Total Collapse
Greg Hunter / 4.29.2015
Dane Wigington runs a website dedicated to exposing and explaining to the public the dangers of climate engineering, also known as “chemtrails.” This is not some sort of conspiracy theory but hard science, also known as “solar radiation management” or “geoengineering”….read more
Walter E. Williams Reality May Be Optional
Walter E. Williams  /  4.15.2015
One of the wonders of modern times is that reality is often seen as a social construct and therefore optional. Thus, if one finds a particular reality offensive or inconvenient, he just “changes” it. Say that one is born a male or a female but believes that nature made an error….read more
Daniel J. Mitchell The Left’s Inequality Fixation
Daniel J. Mitchell  /  4.23.2015
I don’t understand the left’s myopic fixation on income inequality. If they genuinely care about the less fortunate, they should be focused on policies that produce higher incomes. But instead, they agitate for class warfare and redistribution…[hating] the rich more than they love the poor….read more
Addison Wiggin The Currency Wars of the 20th Century
Addison Wiggin / 4.12.2015
“Currency wars,” Jim Rickards writes, “are fought globally in all major financial centers at once, 24 hours per day, by bankers, traders, politicians and automated systems – and the fate of economies and their affected citizens hang in the balance”….read more
Victor Davis Hanson Moral Schizophrenics
Victor Davis Hanson / 4.21.2015
Ms. Clinton’s private ethics are, as usual, a mess, both in the sense of failing to follow legal protocols and tell the truth, and in…price-gouging cash-strapped universities, failing to show some tiny generosity to the working classes, and abusing accommodations intended to help the disabled….read more