A New Equal Rights Amendment for Taxation

afr_homeThe founding principle of America is that all citizens possess “equal rights under the law.” Our whole concept of rights is based upon their being equal for everyone. This was the guiding star of justice that spawned America and which sustained her through the first 125 years of her existence. In 1913, however, there took place a most shameful default on this concept of “equal rights” with adoption of the 16th Amendment, which allowed Congress to enact an income tax with unequal (i.e., progressive) rates. This travesty must be challenged, and the way to do it is with a “New Equal Rights Amendment” to the Constitution. AFR is launching the 28th Amendment that will, once and for all, end tax tyranny and the runaway freight train of government growth in America. To read more about this exciting cause, CLICK HERE


Ending the Income Tax and the IRS

Nelson Hultberg

Imagine for a moment America without an income tax. No more tedious record keeping of all our expenses. No more April 15th deadlines. No more insufferable complexity and exasperating forms. It would no longer be government’s business how much money we earn and what we do with it. Such a reform would dramatically change the lives of every one of us for the better. Could such a spectacular reform actually be brought about? Yes, it certainly can. AFR’s New Equal Rights Amendment for taxes is the first step…read more

Patrick J. Buchanan It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over
Patrick J. Buchanan  /  8.18.2016
On America’s desire for change, Trump holds something close to a full house. The country wants the border secured and immigration vetting toughened [and] an end to the endless export of U.S. factories and manufacturing jobs. On Americanism versus globalism, the country is with Trump….read more
Busting the Banksters
David Stockman / 8.19.2016
There no point whatsoever in perpetuating ZIRP and the Fed’s long-standing regime of financial repression. The major consequence of 90 months on the zero bound has been a massive transfer of income – upwards of $250 billion per year – to the banking system from the hides of savers….read more
Thomas Sowell Trump and Blacks
Thomas Sowell  /  8.18.2016
No matter what policy Republicans follow, they are not going to win a majority of the black votes this year, nor perhaps even this decade. Nor is it necessary. Just an erosion of the Democrats’ monopoly of the black votes can benefit both Republicans and the black community….read more
 Ron Paul


What Should We Do about Crimea?
Ron Paul / 8.21.2016
What should we do about Ukraine and Russia? We should stop egging Ukraine on, we should stop subsidizing the government in Kiev, we should stop NATO exercises on the Russian border…end sanctions…return to diplomacy, [and] send the policy of “regime change” to the dustbin of history….read more
Joseph Farah This Race Ain’t Over, Folks
Joseph Farah   /  8.21.2016
The public perception of where the 2016 presidential race stands has been affected much more by Big Media wishful thinking than the actual preferences of the American people. That is the takeaway of the most recent L.A. Times / USC poll that does daily tracking with 3,000 U.S. citizens….read more
Greg Hunter Fed Goons Will Not Raise Rates until 2017
Greg Hunter / 8.21.2016
Financial writer and precious metals expert Craig Hemke says forget about new threats that the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates in September. Hemke explains, “They are trying to move things by talking, which is their primary policy….read more
Wayne Allen Root Forget ISIS. Obama & Hillary Created Chicago & Detroit
Wayne Allen Root / 8.19.2016
We all know about the massive debt, violence, poverty and hopelessness in Chicago and Detroit. Detroit has already been officially declared bankrupt. The street lights are out. The abandoned buildings are everywhere. Homes sell at auction for $1. Chicago is in even worse shape….read more
How the Media Work
Ann Coulter / 8.17.2016
If the media can strangle Trump by terrorizing people about everything he says, then it’s already over. I’m inclined to think Americans hate the media too much for that to work, but even sensible people can’t think straight in the middle of one of these hate campaigns….read more
Cal Thomas Sheriff David Clarke Does John Wayne Proud
Cal Thomas / 8.18.2016
Why do African-Americans continue to vote for liberal Democrats who have done little to help them and, in fact, often cause more harm than good? Sheriff Clarke gets it right: “Until we push back against [liberal] ideology that has been very destructive to the black community…only going to get worse”….read more
Phyllis Schlafly The Lesson of the Snake
Phyllis Schlafly  /  8.17.2016
Last week in Erie, Pennsylvania, Donald Trump entertained his vast crowd of supporters by reciting the lyrics to a song called “The Snake.” The song was written about 50 years ago, but it tells a timeless truth derived from Aesop’s Fables, which are more than 2,500 years old….read more
David Limbaugh Hillary Will Take Obama’s Programs to New Lows
David Limbaugh / 8.19.2016
Everything Obama has done is imputable to Clinton because she participated in and ratified his policies and actions and promises to do worse. In a number of areas, she already has done worse. Clinton is the most opportunistically ambitious, double-dealing, corrupt fraud in the modern era….read more
Michelle Malkin Hillary’s Headhunter: Sleazeball Ken Salazar
Michelle Malkin  /  8.17.2016
The Loathsome Cowboy rides again. Ken Salazar, President Obama’s disgraced ex-interior secretary, was named Hillary Clinton’s White House transition chair. The pick confirms that a Clinton presidency would…be Obama’s third term culturally. As in culture of corruption….read more


Our War with Global Jihad Starts with the Language
Mark Davis / 8.16.2016
It is both draining and energizing to compile a list of scores of things that just feel wrong in today’s America. Trust me, because I just did it, and the result is the newly released Upside Down: How the Left Turned Right Into Wrong, Truth Into Lies and Good Into Bad. Talk about a target-rich environment….read more
Jerome Corsi Wikileaks Plotting Email Dump to Derail Hillary
Jerome Corsi  /  8.15.2016
A top Trump adviser [Roger Stone] has talked to Julian Assange of Wikileaks who has a complete set of Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 scrubbed “private emails” and is preparing to release them to derail the Democratic Party nominee’s presidential campaign….read more
John Whitehead The Greatest Threat to Our Freedoms
John W. Whitehead / 8.15.2016
The U.S. government remains the greatest threat to our freedoms. The systemic violence being perpetrated by agents of the government has done more collective harm to the American people and our liberties than any single act of terror. More than terrorism, more than domestic extremism….read more